About Us

proiz.pngAugust 24, 1991 - an important date in the history of our nation. This day was proclaimed the independence of our country, which is considered to be the date of formation of Ukraine in its present form. In this auspicious year in the small town Lyubotin Kharkov region, Founded in the mid-17th century by the river Lyubotinka Cossacks and peasants, there was another historical event. The company, whose history begins in 1947 (until then temporarily allowed non-alcoholic beverages and groceries) located in an ecologically clean area, which is located within the boundaries of 2 rivers, 24 lakes and ponds, green forests and fruit-bearing orchards, has been completely re-oriented to production of alcoholic beverages.

At the same principles that were followed even our grandfathers and fathers continue to be important for us and now - namely, the quality, the use of natural products and reasonable prices - that's the basics of successful business started back in 1947.

And every year studying the best practices of our company step by step continues to introduce advanced technology, expanding the range of products, quality and popularity of which is growing every day in Ukraine and abroad. In any country of the world!


proiz02.pngAt the moment, the automated lines of our company produces more than 20 kinds of products: vodka, bitters, balsams, vermouth and brandy under the trademarks:

Vodka: TM «Lubotinn» TM «Vilna», TM «Vsegradskaja», TM «Spirtprom», TM «Kralia», TM «P'iana hata», TM «Premium», TM «Nezalegna», TM «Duchevna», TM «Prestige», TM  «Z-Vodka», TM «White Tiger», TM «Vilni hliba», TM «Golden standard», ТМ «Chinna», ТМ «Prestige», ТМ «Prestige Garden» .

Bitters: Tincture bitter «With pepper».

Balms: Rіznotrav'ya, Znaharsky, Lyuby edge.

Vermouth and brandy TM "Lyuby Edge»: Аpricot, Pineapple, Orange, Cherry, Strawberry, Cranberry, Coffee, Raspberry, Peach, Rowan, Plum, Black currant.

Vermouth and brandy TM «Prestige Garden»: Strawberry, Cranberry, Rowan, Peach, Cherry, Plum.

Also, our company is engaged in contract (commercial) bottling of alcoholic beverages under its own TM customer (Private label, STM).

Vodka: TM «Syabrouka», TM «Generous fairs», TM «Nove Polissya», TM «Spiritual», TM «Volyn Sinooka», TM «Kral Odeska», TM «Rіdny edge», TM «Lutsk castle», TM «Iceberg», TM «Feast of the King»,TM «Zakarpats'ka Absolute».