Vodka TM Nezalezhna is peppered now

Paying tribute to the national Ukrainian traditions, our company expanded the range of vodka TM Nezalezhna that was released to the 25th anniversary of independence in Ukraine in 2016. Now connoisseurs of high-quality alcohol have an opportunity to try the tincture "With pepper on honey" of TM Nezalezhna. The drink has a pepper taste, exquisitely accentuated by subtle honey tones.

Vodka TM UNGVAR is our gift not only to Uzhhorod but also to Ukrainian residents!

With sincere love and respect for the beautiful ancient city of Uzhhorod, our company has launched a new line of premium quality vodka TM UNGVAR – «ROYAL GRAND», «GRAND RESERVE» and «LUXE FINE». By creating this trademark products, we successfully managed to achieve a brilliant symbiosis of the latest trends of the European alcohol market, ancient traditions and ethnic identity of the old city...

In the family of Lubotinn White Tiger - funding!

The line of premium lyubitinskaya vodka TM White Tiger has been replenished with two new products - "Soft" and "Black Edition". The unique black edition amazes with the unusual design of the vodka bottle and has an extended shelf life - up to 60 months, and the "Soft" series differs even more refined and soft taste. Vodka TM White Tiger "Soft" and "Black Edition" are produced in the most popular...

Spring update of the assortment!

Spring update of the assortment! Our company proudly presents a new premium vodka TM Gold standard. In this product, the latest innovative developments in the technology of production of alcoholic beverages are realized. The TM Gold standard line is represented by two names - "Classic" and "Vidbirna" and is produced in the volume of 0.25 and 0.5 liters.

Happy New Year!

An unexpected surprise for our customers become a limited edition product under the trademark "Ku-Ka-Re-Ka", dedicated specially to the New Year, which begins - the Red Fire Rooster.

New Trade Mark

August 24, 2016 - a significant day for all citizens of our country - the 25th anniversary of Ukraine's independence. In honor of this significant date, our company has released a new TM - vodka "Nezalezhna". Over the years, we have achieved the level of excellence that we would like to share with our customers. The independence of our country is our constant desire for freedom. TM "...