Privat Label

syabrovka-2.pngOur company in today's market is a dynamically developing company. Now one of the ways to market competition is the production of goods under private label (Private label). Today, the practice of Private label began to spread in the category of alcoholic beverages.

The advantage of private label, which has become a causal factor in the development of this direction, it is obvious for the distributors, sales organizations and our partners. Among the positive aspects of the introduction of private brands, we note are:

  • development of its product by the efforts and determined by you personally;
  • independent (or with the help of our experts) determination of the product niche, its values, appearance, names and ways to promote;
  • creation of a product with a regional focus and color, are in high demand in your area of ​​distribution;
  • output with the spirit, purposes and mission adopted by your company;
  • decline in dominance of large producers of alcoholic beverages on the market;
  • creating a closer link between the seller and the buyer;
  • opportunity of differentiation and maintenance of a variety of goods.

As a consequence of the above - an increase in sales and earnings, the creation of a positive image of the company. We offer contract bottling products under your brand. Thanks to high-performance Italian and American equipment, under the careful supervision of our specialists, we are able to realize projects of any complexity in the optimal time for an adequate price. We guarantee high quality of our products and the provision of all necessary documents in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Also, our company specialists can provide:

  • the registration and development of its own brand (in case of absence);
  • obtaining quality certification (optional);
  • expert assistance in the selection of bottles, labels, caps and other accessories;
  • selection of ready-made, proven formulation or development of the individual;
  • highly professional design and components of general form;
  • expert advice on marketing and pricing based on the analysis of the market of alcoholic beverages;
  • travel specialist to you (by appointment).

Our company respects partners and customers, so we are sincerely interested in mutually beneficial cooperation, which will allow the maximum benefit to realize your potential for you.