Souvenir vodka «Brabus», 0.5L

Vodka «Brabus» in souvenir bottle is a beautiful and original gift that can be presented to a man practically for any reason. The ceramic figure in the shape of a tuned Mercedes-Benz car looks very solid, and the contents of this unusual bottle won’t disappoint the recipient. Vodka «Brabus» is represented by a premium crystal clear drink that has a pleasant, subtle vodka flavor and extremely soft taste.

Selling of souvenir vodka from the manufacturer in Liubotyn

If you need a good vodka as a gift, look for Liubotinsky Food Product Plant products in the stores. We make quality souvenir alcohol of a wide variety of subjects. Of you have the questions about the wholesale purchase of vodka at our plant in Liubotyn, please contact the managers.

6 pcs.