Souvenir vodka «Bullet», 0.5L

Vodka «Bullet» in souvenir bottle is a perfected, laconic design of a vodka bottle with 0.5 liters of premium alcohol with an extremely soft vodka flavor, with a grain note, taste and a slight aftertaste. Vodka «Bullet» is a present that «falls right on the target».

Ukrainian gift vodka in the shape of statuettes: sale from the manufacturer

Ukrainian gift vodka in the shape of statuettes is popular with foreign tourists, who buy it as a souvenir in Ukraine, and with Ukrainians who buy the original decorated alcohol for a gift. Therefore, Liubotinsky Food Product Plant offers more than 60 items of gift vodka along with traditional undertakings as TM Liubotyn, Vilna, White Tiger, and Premium.

16 шт.