Souvenir vodka «Gasoline tanker», 0.7L

Vodka «Gasoline tanker» in souvenir bottle is a great gift that causes smiles and raises the mood. The bottle in the shape of a tank truck is made of high-quality ceramics, and a 40% premium drink inside is so-called «fuel». After tasting the vodka «Gasoline tanker» is soft, with dominant grain notes in taste and aftertaste; it leaves a very pleasant impression.

Souvenir bottle of vodka: wholesale

Souvenir bottle of vodka in Ukraine is demanded product, especially on the eve of holidays. Liubotinsky Food Product Plant offers a wide range of gift alcohol wholesale at low prices. You can find on our website many kinds of Liubotyn vodka. If you want to see the price, please contact our manager.

6 pcs.