Souvenir vodka «Hetman», 1L

Vodka «Hetman» in a souvenir bottle is our tribute to the history of Ukraine, the personification of proud and disobedient spirit of Ukrainians. One liter of luxury alcohol is inside of the ceramic statuette of the leader of Cossack army. Vodka «Hetman» will be an excellent choice for those who are looking for the place where they can buy souvenir vodka as a dignified and presentable gift.

Souvenir Liubotyn vodka: choice for every taste

Liubotinsky Food Product Plant products are made of high-quality natural raw materials on modern import equipment with innovative technologies. That’s why Liubotyn souvenir vodka, the choice of which is offered with 60 types, is not inferior in quality to the similar products of many famous alcohol brands.

6 pcs.