Souvenir vodka «Hunter», 0.7L

Vodka «Hunter» in souvenir bottle is an excellent thematic gift, which can be presented to a hunter for almost any holiday. A bright ceramic figure holds 0.7 liters of 40% premium drink, which, undoubtedly, will be highly appreciated by the recipient of the present. Vodka «Hunter» is crystal clear, with a soft taste and with a delicate fresh aftertaste.

Sale of souvenir vodka in bulk from the plant in Liubotyn

What souvenir bottle of vodka to buy? Every day many people have this question. Our factory in Liubotyn produces a large assortment of gift alcohol of various subjects and accepts applications for the wholesale supply of products to anywhere in Ukraine. To specify details and to order a price, you can contact our manager.

6 pcs.