Souvenir vodka «Karmeliuk», 0.7L

Vodka «Karmeliuk» in a souvenir bottle is a great variant of the gift according to the national traditions. It is an embodied legendary image of the famous Ukrainian hero Ustym Karmeliuk. 0,7 liters of high-quality luxury alcohol is inside of this container. Vodka «Karmeliuk» has a delicate vodka flavor, a pleasant soft taste and is easy to drink.

Gift vodka in stattuettes from the manufacturer

Gift vodka, shaped as statuettes which are bright and interesting elements of the decor, is quite in demand nowadays. That is why we pay much attention to the production of souvenir alcohol and offer 60 types of this product. You can get familiar with the assortment of Liubotinsky Food Product Plant souvenir vodka on our website.

6 pcs.