Souvenir vodka «Kozak «For freedom», 0.25L

Vodka «Kozak «For freedom» in souvenir bottle is more like a miniature statuette and the fact that 0.25 liters of premium alcohol is inside pleasantly surprises the recipient of the gift. A colorful statuette of a Cossack is made of high-quality ceramics, and a 40% drink is made with using of filters containing silver and platinum. Vodka «Kozak «For freedom» is an excellent variant of the original present.

Sale of souvenir vodka in Liubotyn

In Ukraine, a gift bottle of vodka ranks among demanded goods. Foreign tourists buy souvenir alcohol with pleasure, and Ukrainians often buy it as a gift. Our factory sells gift inexpensive vodka in statuettes of good quality from a warehouse in Liubotyn. You can order the price from our manager.

6 pcs.