Souvenir vodka «Machine 1 (RR)», 1L

Vodka «Machine 1 (RR)» in souvenir bottle is a great version of a solid gift. The ceramic container in the shape of a jeep looks very presentable, a liter of premium alcohol, made with the use of filters containing silver and platinum, inside successfully fixes a first impression. Vodka «Machine 1 (RR)» is a worthy present, which, undoubtedly, will appeal to the recipient.

Qualitative Liubotyn vodka: sale from the manufacturer

Our Liubotinsky Food Product Plant offers to buy a Ukrainian souvenir bottle of vodka in bulk from the inexpensive warehouse in Liubotyn. We produce a wide range of gift alcohol that is popular with consumers. If you are interested in quality Liubotyn vodka, contact our manager.

6 pcs.