Souvenir vodka «Naturmorte», 0.5L

Vodka «Naturmorte» in a souvenir bottle is created for those who love and appreciate a good joke. But the content of this unusual bottle is quite serious. It is a 40% alcohol luxury drink with unusually clean, light, and soft taste. Vodka «Naturmorte» is a great idea for the original gift. This present always makes people smile and contributes to the creation of a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere at festive table.

Where you can buy a souvenir bottle of vodka from the manufacturer?

If you need a souvenir bottle of vodka, it will be a right decision to buy Liubotinsky Food Product Plant products. The factory and the wholesale warehouse of vodka are located in Liubotyn where alcoholic products are delivered to retail stores in all over Ukraine.

6 pcs.