Souvenir vodka «Premium (hrivna new)» in box, 0.5L

Vodka «Premium (hrivna new)» in a souvenir bottle is a universal gift that will suit almost anyone. If you are thinking about what gift bottle of vodka to buy, stop your choice on this sure-fire variant. Vodka «Premium (hrivna new)» in box looks very worthy. The container is made of high-quality ceramics, and 0.5 liters of 40% luxury beverage, which has excellent taste qualities, is inside of it.

Buy a gift bottle of vodka wholesale from the manufacturer

We produce 60 items of souvenir vodka, and «Premium (hrivna new)» refers to the most popular category. Vodka from the warehouse of Liubotinsky Food Product Plant is released only in bulk. You can find out the details from our manager.

6 pcs.