Souvenir vodka «Premium (hryvna new)» in box, 0.25L

Vodka «Premium (hrivna new)» in souvenir bottle with a capacity of 0.25 liters is a miniature gift, which can be presented for any occasion. A bottle in the shape of a bundle of banknotes is made of quality ceramics, inside is a 40% premium drink. Vodka «Premium (hryvna new)» in box is a kind of gift-wish for wealth, which, no doubt, will be liked by the recipient.

Souvenir bottle of vodka by price of manufacturer

Prices for a souvenir bottle of vodka may be different. But, as a rule, it always costs more than alcohol spilled into ordinary containers. The price of souvenir vodka, produced at our plant in Liubotyn, is lower than that offered by other producers in Kharkiv and in other cities of Ukraine. To specify the cost of products and the terms of wholesale purchase, you can contact the manager.

8 pcs.