Souvenir vodka «Trident Grand», 0.5L

Made in the shape of the Ukrainian coat of arms, vodka «Trident Grand» in a souvenir bottle is an excellent gift variant. A gift like this is quite good to present to a foreign partner, friend, relative or official. A bright and beautiful ceramic statuette attracts the eye, and the quality of the luxury beverage will be highly appreciated even by the most demanding consumers.

Gift vodka from the manufacturer: selling in bulk

Produced by our company, gift vodka «Trident Grand» is in a great demand all over Ukraine. We have established production of 60 types of souvenir alcohol. To get familiar with the assortment of souvenir vodka from Liubotinsky Food Product Plant, it is possible to see the prices on our website. Just order a price list from our manager.

7 pcs.