Tincture "With pepper on honey" by TM Nezalezhna


Tincture "With pepper on honey" of TM Nezalezhna is a modern "reissue" of the famous Ukrainian pepper vodka. The red pepper floating inside the bottle adds charm to the drink and underlines its authenticity. The tincture has a beautiful caramel color, a light aroma of honey and pepper, and an unexpectedly mild, deep taste.

The composition of the tincture "With pepper on honey" of TM Nezalezhna

The recipe of the drink includes prepared artesian water, high-quality alcohol, natural honey, caramel, aromatic pepper spirit, and pepper tincture. These ingredients are cleaned, filtered, mixed up and bottled with high-tech equipment. As a result, the consumer gets a high-quality drink that doesn’t yield to the best products of the country.

20 pcs.
30 pcs.