Tincture TM Balzam "Riznotravije"


Tincture "Riznotravije" is an alcoholic multicomponent drink with unique healing properties. Constant on the purest herbs, he surprises with his pleasant aftertaste. For its production, a variety of herbs are used, harmoniously complementing each other and creating an unusual bouquet of flavors and flavors: calendula doctor, chamomile, common thyme, fragrant tooth, dog rose blood-red, wormwood bitter. They insist on rectified high purity alcohol, with the addition of prepared drinking water and only natural ingredients - concentrated apple juice and sugar syrup.

In a tincture preserved all the useful properties of herbs, it is an excellent option of an aperitif, giving a charge of vivacity, improving appetite and mood. Due to its excellent taste qualities, "Riznotravije" tincture is perfect for making warming and healing cocktails, and is also widely used in cooking.

20 pcs.