Tincture TM Kralya "Z pertsem"

Brand: тм краля

One of the most popular tinctures "Z pertsem" is produced at the Liubotinsky Food Product Plant under TM Kralya. Due to its successful name, attractive design, and also traditionally high quality, this product is in great demand. When you want to just relax or spend an evening with friends, tincture "Z pertsem" will be an excellent help.

Composition of vodka TM Kralya "Z pertsem"

In the composition of tincture "Z pertsem" TM Kralya there is alcohol "Lux", purified artesian water, tincture of sweet pepper, tincture of red pepper, aromatic alcohol of red pepper, colour. Thanks to the latest equipment our factory produces high-quality products.

Tincture TM Kralya "Z pertsem" will help brighten up the fuss of everyday work and cheer up!

20 pcs.
30 pcs.