The first bottle of TM Vilna collection saw the light in 2008. This brand has excellently proved itself throughout the country, combining the tastes of our customers in both the east and the west. Freedom is a fundamental criterion of happiness of each person. Since the founding of the Ukrainian Kozakdom Freedom was the basic idea and the main aspiration of everyone! Turning out products under this proud name, we carefully monitor the high quality of the contents with the greatest regard, emphasizing the importance of the idea with the laconism of appearance. The range of TM Vilna is represented by 5 product names: “Klassicheskaia”, “Na moloke”, “Pshenichnaia”, “Serebrianaia” and bitter “S pertsem na medu”. These products are manufactured in the following volumes: 0,1 l (1 SKU), 0,25 l (5 SKU),

0,5 l (5 SKU), 0,7 l (4 SKU), 1,0 l (4 SKU).

TM Vilna is our PRIDE.