Vodka «Domashnja» under TM Ridnij Kraj

Herring is a perfect vodka chaser! Are you looking for something homey, but at the same time with soft taste and grain flavor? Then you are to choose Luibotyn vodka «Domashnja» under TM Ridnij Kraj. This strong beverage will be good for the cozy home atmosphere and for the festive table as well.

Production technology of vodka from Liubotyn distillery

Our vodka is manufactured from rectified spirit of the best quality and from purified water extracted from the bore-well at the depth of 850 meters. In addition, the strong beverage passes through several stages of filtration including the using of activated charcoal. When you buy vodka «Domashnja» under ТМ Ridnij Kraj, you can rely on its quality.

20 pcs.
30 pcs.
45 pcs.