Vodka «Odes’ka Lagidna» 38˚ under ТМ Kralja Odes’ka

Every gourmet will like vodka «Odes’ka Lagidna» 38˚ under ТМ Kralja Odes’ka. Due to the special recipe of production this strong alcoholic beverage has a pleasant taste. In addition, a little loss of alcohol in comparison to the classic vodka gives the beverage some kind of originality. If you’re looking for the good alcoholic products with high taste qualities, you may definitely choose ТМ Kralja Odes’ka.

Vodka from Liubotinsky Food Product Plant

Our distillery is established with the modern equipment and has enough productive capacity to manufacture vodka in bulk for the private trademarks. All our beverages are consistent with Ukrainian national requirements. The range of vodka with different price categories are available in our price.

20 pcs.