Vodka ТМ Iceberg «Lux Fajna»

Vodka «Lux Fajna» under ТМ Iceberg is made on the basis of «Lux» alcohol and prepared artesian water. The beverage has a delicate flavor, soft taste and short aftertaste. «Lux fajna» may be classified as luxury vodka, but at the same time, its price is still affordable for the consumers.

Vodka «Lux Fajna» ТМ Iceberg

Vodka «Lux Fajna» under ТМ Iceberg is produced under Private label. Our factory is established with the most modern imported equipment and has five bottling lines. All this allows to satisfy the requirements of customers on time and in full.

If you’re looking for the reliable manufacturer for the alcoholic products of your trademark, address us! The price of vodka in bulk, made at Liubotinsky Food Product Plant, isn’t high.

20 pcs.