Vodka TM Lubotinn "Posolska Gramota"


In the vodka TM Lubotinn "Posolska Gramota" our desire to produce a quality product at an affordable price was realized. Vodka corresponds all the requirements of strong alcohol and will be a good addition for any celebration.

Technology of production of vodka TM Lubotinn "Posolska Gramota"

The combination in exact proportions of natural quality components makes the taste of vodka TM Lubotinn "Posolska Gramota" very pleasant. They make it from the past multi-stage cleaning of artesian water, "Lux" alcohol and sugar. Due to a balanced formula, vodka acquires softness and purity of taste.

TM Lubotinn "Posolska Gramota" - vodka for those who appreciate the traditional pure taste!

20 pcs.
30 pcs.