Vodka TM Lubotinn "Tsarskij Kelikh"


Vodka TM Lubotinn «Tsarskij Kelikh» is made on the basis of high-quality spirit of "Lux" class, purified water using natural ingredients. Vodka "Tsarskij Kelikh" is a quality standard and an indicator of good taste.

Production of vodka TM Lubotinn «Tsarskij Kelikh»

Our factory produces vodka on the newest equipment using only high-quality raw materials, which meets European standards. Made according to the traditional recipe, vodka has a soft, pleasant taste and aroma. Vodka TM Lubotinn "Tsarskij Kelikh" is created for a modern, business and demanding person who likes to relax, appreciates the purity of the product and leads an active lifestyle.

Lyubotinskaya vodka TM Lubotinn "Tsarskij Kelikh" is produced in bottles of 0.25 and 0.5 liters.

20 pcs.
30 pcs.