Vodka TM Premium "Khlibna" tondo


Vodka TM Premium "Khlibna" tondo, produced by Liubotinsky factory Prodtovary is a high-quality product in which the strength, crystal clearness and softness of taste are sustained in an ideal balance. It is perfectly suitable for use both in its pure form and in the composition of cocktails.

Production of vodka "Khlibna" tondo under TM Premium

All components of vodka "Khlibna" tondo are mixed on a modern production line. Liubotinsky factory Prodtovary makes vodka "Khlibna" from grain spirit of the highest quality, aromatic alcohol of wheat rusks, prepared artesian water and sugar. Vodka "Khlibna" tondo under TM Premium is available in a capacity of 0.5 liters.

20 pcs.