Vodka TM PRESTIGE «Zhitnya»


Vodka "Zhitnya", represented by TM PRESTIGE, belongs to premium class vodka and will satisfy the taste of the most demanding consumers. The special shape of the bottle and the vodka label has a minimalist, elegant design, favorably distinguishing it from other brands. This bottle is nice to put on the table, even in an expensive restaurant.

Production technology of vodka "Zhitnya" under TM PRESTIGE

Lubotinsky Prodtovarov plant produces strong drinks on modern European equipment. The newest production lines allow you to mix all the ingredients strictly according to the prescription, and also quickly and efficiently pour and pack the vodka.

The composition of vodka "Zhitnya" includes: high-quality grain alcohol of "Lux" class, aromatic alcohol rusks of rye and specially purified artesian water. They mix and undergo additional purification using filters containing precious metals (platinum and silver). Therefore vodka "Zhitnya" TM PRESTIGE is a quality that does not cause doubts!

20 pcs.
30 pcs.