Vodka TM Spirtprom "Zhytnya"

Brand: ТМ Спиртпром

Vodka TM Spirtprom "Zhytnya" is a tribute to the work of ordinary people. It is made on modern equipment from high-quality grain alcohol of "Lux" class according to the classic recipe. Liubotinsky Food Product Plant uses for it artesian water which passes a multilevel clearing that provides softness of taste.

Vodka "Zhytnya" TM Spirtprom - respect for traditions

Lyubotinskaya vodka "Zhytnya" by TM Spirtprom is produced for demanding people who value purity, softness, pleasant aftertaste and good quality products at an affordable price.

Vodka TM Spirtprom "Zhytnya" you can buy in the amount of 0.5 liters.

20 pcs.