Vodka TM Transcarpathian Exclusive "Znatna"

Vodka TM Transcarpathian Exclusive «Znatna» appeared as a result of a successful combination of old traditions of distilleries and modern technologies for manufacturing of vodka products. At our enterprise, it is issued in the category privat lab. This is a premium product with high organoleptic indicators. Vodka «Znatna» TM Transcarpathian Exclusive is poured into 0.5-liter bottles.

Secrets of high-quality vodka from Liubotinsky Food Product Plant

We are sure that the best vodka is obtained if only quality raw materials are used for its production, and multistage purification and filtration is provided during the technological process. Therefore, in the production of premium segment products, at our plant, in addition to traditional coal and sand filters, the Silver & Platinum filter system is used. We have modern high-tech equipment, strictly observe the recipe, and control the quality of vodka at every stage of production.

20 pcs.