Vodka TM Vilna "Pepper on honey"


Vodka TM Vilna "Pepper on honey" is for connoisseurs of a strong drink who like a noisy company and active rest. Natural ingredients: honey and hot pepper, give it a unique taste and aroma. Vodka "Pepper on honey" TM Vilna for self-confident people, strong in spirit to the freedom of the people, ready for experiments and new sensations.

Manufacturing of vodka "Pepper on honey" under TM Vilna

Liubotinsky Food Product Plant works for a long time, during this time our products deserved one of the best places in Ukraine. The secret of the uniqueness of our vodka in selected grain alcohol, specially prepared water and natural ingredients. Thanks to modern production lines that comply with European standards, all components of vodka TM Vilna "Pepper on honey" are mixed clearly, with the recipe.

You can buy vodka "Pepper on honey" under TM Vilna in volumes of 0.25 and 0.5 liters.

20 pcs.
30 pcs.