Vodka TM Vilni hliba "Pshenichna"


Vodka TM Vilni hliba "Pshenichna" was created with love and deep respect for our fertile land with its boundless expanses and yielding grain fields. Vodka is made according to the best tradition of producing alcoholic beverages, it has a pure taste and pleasant aroma. It is perfect for those who appreciate the purity of a natural product.

Technology of production of "Pshenichna" vodka TM Vilni hliba

Liubotinsky Factory Prodtovary produces vodka on the newest equipment, which corresponds to European standards. Modern production lines allow you to clearly mix all the components and perform work quickly and efficiently. Vodka "Pshenichna" TM Vilni hliba includes: high-quality grain alcohol of "Lux" class and specially prepared artesian water.

Vodka "Pshenichna" TM Vilni hliba is produced in the volume of 0.5 liters.

20 pcs.