Vodka TM Vilni hliba "Zernova"


Vodka "Zernova" by TM Vilni hliba is vodka, which immerses in the boundless Ukrainian expanses of fields and into the endless depths of the blue sky, permeated with the warmth of the hot sun rays. It has the original shape of the bottle and is in perfect harmony with its contents.

Production of vodka "Zernova" at the Liubotinsky factory Prodtovary

Vodka "Zernova" is a strong forty-degree alcoholic beverage with a complex and multifaceted taste, which is achieved due to multicomponent malt consisting of wheat, rye, barley and other cereals, as well as high-purity alcohol of "Lux" class. Characterizing the transparency of vodka of this brand, it will be true to use the popular statement: pure, like a tear. All thanks to the correct production technology and the use of quality components, as well as the purest water from the deep-sea well. A glass of vodka "Zernova" during the dinner will help to relax, and at the festive event will create a warm, friendly atmosphere.


20 pcs.