Vodka ТМ White Tiger Soft


Vodka TM White Tiger «Soft» is a premium segment vodka. The drink includes grain luxurious alcohol and prepared artesian water, obtained from the well of 850-meter depth. It is made by a unique technology that provides for multi-stage purification of beverage, including passage through filters containing silver and platinum. The product is poured into 0.5-liter bottles.

Taste qualities of vodka «Soft» ТМ White Tiger

Vodka ТМ White Tiger of the Liubotyn plant is perfectly transparent, has a pleasantly underlined by cereal tones vodka flavor and very mild taste. When tasting at the first time, pure harmonic alcohol notes are felt, a grain character with light plant sweetness appears then, and the ending is subtle and fresh. If you are interested in selling vodka in bulk, we are ready to offer really high-quality products.

20 pcs.