Vodka Vilna «Classic» under ТМ Nove Polissja

Vodka Vilna «Classic» under ТМ Nove Polissja has a traditional vodka taste that’s appreciated the world over. The beverage like that is considered to be the standard of quality. This vodka has a softness and a slight vodka flavor. All the beverages, which we produce with different price ranges at Liubotinsky Food Product Plant near Kharkiv, distinguish themselves with the high standards of the quality and taste.

The production technology of vodka Vilna «Classic» under ТМ Nove Polissja

Vodka Vilna «Classic» is made by the classical recipe from the artesian softened water and rectified «Lux» alcohol. During the production, the alcoholic products pass through the several stages of filtration including the step with activated charcoal. Then the purified vodka gets much softer taste.

45 pcs.
30 pcs.
20 pcs.