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Our history- values higher than prices

I am an ordinary working man, honest living and working in our free and independent Ukraine. Everything I have, I have because of personal work and support my family. I am proud of my work and family. The values laid down by our parents and grandfathers for many generations can not be bought for any money!

Lubotinn - values higher than prices!

5advantagesof Lubotinn products

Impeccable quality,

based on tradition, experience and responsibility

The company's products has always been famous for the purity and softness, which makes it pleasant to use. Careful preservation of ancient recipes and authoring is connected with a high degree of adaptability of our company, and the use of natural ingredients and the highest quality control at all stages of production allows to produce high-quality, competitive product.

The company has introduced quality management system DSTU, ISO 9001: 2008 and the Safety Management System HACCP food DSTU 4161-2003.

For production, our company uses only alcohol "Lux", derived from the distilleries of Ukraine with high organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters.

A variety of flavors

a large range of brands

Today, our company produces more than 16 product lines, including a demanding consumer will be able to choose what he would have liked. Our company does not stand still delighting consumers annually with new developments of our engineers. Based on a high degree of compatibility of components, as well as the preferences of the modern consumer, our products are of unsurpassed quality and variety of flavors.

Spring water -

a pledge of clean and unique taste

Water supply our company carried out its own unique 850 meter deep water wells. It should be noted that the wells deeper than 800 m has only a few enterprises in Ukraine!

- For process water storage in the plant built a reservoir of 150 cubic meters. (Tower Rozhnovsky).

- Preparation of water takes place in two locations using three rigs deferrization, install water softening ion (7pcs), installation of a reverse osmosis (Zsht). All equipment manufactured by «GE Infrastructure Water Process. Technologies» US.

- Clearing the filter compartment is equipped with 18-Tew sand filters filled with quartz sand and a 9-meter six to five carbon columns loaded with activated carbon and brands BAU CAU. The production capacity of separation of more than 40 thousand decaliters per day. To improve the organoleptic qualities of products used filtration using precious metals, silver and platinum.

Pure artesian water, and a modern cleaning system with multi-stage control - the key to a clean and unique taste!

Modern technologies

- a guarantee of quality products

Our company adheres to the basic principles of quality assurance: modern technologies, careful control of the input and output of raw materials, skilled personnel, and innovative approaches to production and respect for traditions.

Spill vodka, vodka special, tinctures of bitter, vermouth and balms made five modern bottling lines that are equipped with high-precision equipment leading world manufacturers brands Compass, Enoberg, Promec, RE Labellers, Sotemapack, Eurobeta, production capacity from 6 to 12 thousand bottles per hour each.

The enterprise's laboratory is equipped with all necessary equipment: refractometers PH Atogopal 1.2, colorimetry, gas chromatography fotokolorime¬trami, PH-meters, millivolt and provided all the regulatory and technical documentation..

Three alcohol storage tanks are equipped with stainless steel, protected against static electricity with lightning rods, automatic fire-fighting methods, ventilation and alarm. The total amount of alcohol storage of more than 100 thousand decaliters. for the uninterrupted supply of electricity, the company has two separate input from different substations and backup power from a diesel generator power more than 200 kW.

Stable work of the enterprise provide 350 highly skilled workers. The company has its own fleet with more than 40 units of vehicles, private modern repair facilities as well as a warehouse with more than 3,000 square meters warehouse.

Recognition of the consumer -

the reward for responsible work

The motto of our company - "Values higher prices", so in addition to using high quality raw materials and modern equipment, the key to successful operation of the plant is the recognition by the consumer of our work results. Each year, the company is in the TOP-7 largest enterprises - manufacturers of alcoholic beverages in Ukraine.

- We value the opinion of our consumers and constantly researching the preferences, tastes and spirits market trends.

- We are interested in the creation of further new, exciting products that can decorate the table of our customers.

- We love to treat our products and respect for our consumers.

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