Vodka TM Dushevna «Lux»

Vodka «Lux» under TM Dushevna is a perfectly good addition to any feast. Clarity, strength, and softness of this beverage contribute to the creation of pleasant, trust, heartwarming atmosphere at festive table.

Vodka «Lux» TM Dushevna

Good vodka has always been in great demand. That is why we pay maximum attention to the quality of products: the process of manufacture at our factory includes multistage filtration. Vodka «Lux» under TM Dushevna is a really qualitative product with high organoleptic indicators.

Trust us to manufacture the alcoholic products of your trademark. We do our best to make Ukrainian vodka from Liubotyn the synonym of high-quality alcohol.

20 pcs.
30 pcs.