Vodka TM Spirtprom "Pshenychna"

Brand: ТМ Спиртпром

Vodka TM Spirtprom "Pshenychna" appeared on sale for a long time, the key factor that ensures the popularity of the product is an excellent price-quality ratio. To date, these products from the Liubotinsky Food Product Plant are popular and familiar to consumers with their simplicity and quality.

Production of "Pshenychna" vodka by TM Spirtprom

Our products are manufactured on the latest production facilities with technical characteristics that meet the requirements of European standards. When preparing a strong drink, the recipe is strictly observed. All components: alcohol of "Lux" class, purified water and fructose are mixed in certain proportions. After that they pass a double filtration with precious metals.

Vodka TM Spirtprom "Pshenychna" is produced for confident and strong people.

20 pcs.