Vodka TM Vilna "Original recipe" Wheaten


Vodka "Original recipe" under TM Vilna is a classic of taste and traditions of high quality for confident, strong in spirit, free people who love an active lifestyle and new sensations. Vodka wheat is produced at the Liubotinsky Food Product Plant, with the help of the newest production facilities. A strong drink is made of purified water and high-quality alcohol, according to European quality standards.

Production of vodka "Original recipe" under TM Vilna

What is the uniqueness of Lyubotinskaya vodka TM Vilna? The secret of the uniqueness of our vodka in double filtration and the traditional unique recipe, this is what gives vodka a noble taste, extraordinary softness and aroma. Thanks to the spirit of the "Lux" class, there is a pleasant aftertaste with wheat notes that satisfy our consumers.

Vodka TM Vilna "Original recipe" Lubotinsky Factory Prodtovary is produced in the amount of 0.25 and 0.5, 0.7 and 1 liter.

12 pcs.
15 pcs.
20 pcs.
30 pcs.